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The most brilliant & perfectly cut Synthetic Diamonds & CVD-HPHT Diamonds

The unique physical and chemical properties of diamonds such as their unparalleled hardness, inertness to nearly all kinds of chemicals, high optical transparency and exceptional thermal insulation have made diamonds, particularly the synthetic ones, an absolute necessity in industrial processes where high power density and extremely abrasive conditions linger. KBK brings to you an eclectic range of synthetic diamonds prepared by CVD technique an the High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process, whose hardness, crystalline clarity, brilliance, optical transparency, perfect cutting and dimension give the natural ones a run for money, and are way more light on the pockets too.

Our company was established way back in 1980, and in the years that followed, we continued to our streak of offering a world class range of synthetic diamonds, and have grown exponentially by reaching out to a wider base of users. With a posse of vastly skilled and experienced leaders guiding us in our industrial journey, we have cemented our position as an eminent Manufacturer and Exporter of products like CVD Polished Diamond, Stimulant Diamond, HPHT Polished Diamond and Artificial Diamond among others; developed for technical applications. These diamonds can also be used in jewelery manufacturing, but, subjected to some do's and don'ts.