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Type 2A Diamonds

The classification of diamonds is based on the features, like clustered nitrogen atoms, scattered nitrogen atoms, highly pure carbon and boron atoms. The four types of classification are type 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B. A Type 2A diamond is considered as the purest and rarest form of diamond, with only 1-2% availability worldwide. As diamonds are formed of different atoms in a diamond lattice structure, the atoms formation also decide the type of a diamond. The type 2 A are formed of only carbon atoms. The diamonds with nitrogen atoms or boron atoms along with carbon atoms in the diamond lattice, fall into type 1A, 1B and 2B. The level of impurities within the crystal lattice of carbon atoms, can be detected using an infrared spectrometer.

Key Points:

  • Featuring highly pure carbon, this type of diamond contain no or minute amounts of impurities.
  • Type 2A Diamonds are usually colorless and are available in different shapes.
  • These are free from nitrogen or boron impurities.
  • These diamonds can also be formed in light shades of yellow, brown or pink.


We are mainly export to USA.