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CVD Diamonds

CVD Diamonds, as the name implies, are the diamonds formed employing chemical vapour deposition (CVD) technique, which utilizes a hydrocarbon gas mixture. The lab grown diamonds accessible in oval, star, melee, cushion, round, marquise, emerald, princess cut, pear and heart shapes, are suitable to be used in jewellery and other industries. These polished CVD diamonds leave no carbon footprint and have limited environmental impact.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Technology advancements and intensive research practices gave birth to techniques, using which diamonds can be created in a man-made environment. The natural diamond making conditions are replicated to grow diamonds in a lab. The two processes- High-pressure and high-temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD), are employed to produce synthetic diamonds. Both, colorless and fancy color variety of lab grown diamonds is provided.

HPHT Diamonds

One of the two methods widely used for growing diamonds artificially is HPHT- High-pressure and high-temperature. In this method, extreme pressure and temperature are applied to create an environment essential for the growth of diamond seed. The rough diamond grown is then cut and polished. The resulted HPHT diamonds have exactly similar chemical composition, hardness, refractive index and dispersion, as of mined diamonds.

Type 2A Diamonds

The purest form of diamonds fall under the Type 2A diamonds category. Every colorless diamond grown by KBK is certified Type 2 A, as it contains impurities. It is a fact that 1-2% of the mined diamonds throughout the world are Type 2 A. These diamonds are cut into round, emerald, princess cut and  heart shapes, and polished using high-end equipment and tools.

We are mainly export to USA.