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Lab Grown Diamonds

For the growth of diamonds seeds, highly controlled conditions in a modern lab are created that replicate the natural growing environment of the Earth. Years of research has undergone and it's only been a decade that geologists and scientists have perfected the science of crystallizing diamonds in a lab. As a diamond grower, KBK Diamond brings to the market princess cut, radiant, pear, asscher cut and emerald shape diamonds, which are identical to mined diamonds, with exactly similar optical, chemical and physical properties. Our entire range comprises Type 2 A diamonds, diamonds in VS and VSS qualities as well as colored diamonds, mainly in bright yellow, pink and other colors.

Key Points:

  • The gem-quality lab created diamonds crystalline form of carbon, just like mined ones.
  • These engineered or cultured diamonds are 100% origin-guaranteed.
  • The exact properties that are shared between KBK diamonds and lab grown diamonds are chemical composition, hardness, dispersion and refractive index.
  • These are developed by either CVD process or HPHT process.


We are mainly export to USA.