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CVD Diamonds

In 19th century, chemical vapour deposition (CVD) method for developing a diamond was discovered. This synthetic growth technique is different from the natural formation technique. This process involves a vacuum chamber, in which low pressure is maintained and a heated mixture of a hydrocarbon gases, typically methane (CH4) and hydrogen (H2) produces chemical vapor deposition diamond. In earlier phases, only one diamond seed was formed into a full grown diamond. Today, it is possible to grow 50 or more seeds simultaneously. The rough CVD diamonds formed are oval, star, melee, cushion, round, marquise, emerald, princess cut, pear or heart shaped in our factory.

Key Points:

  • The CVD diamonds are cut and polished in a similar way as mined diamonds.
  • These are hard, chemically inert, optically transparent and have high thermal conductivity.
  • The chemical vapor deposition diamonds are grown in 700-900°C temperature.
  • Apart from application in jewellery industry, these diamonds can also be used for optical, thermal and mechanical applications.

We are mainly export to USA.