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  • HPHT or CVD: With the help of HPHT or  CVD process, the diamond growing conditions can be replicated.
  • DIAMOND SEED: In the CVD process, carbon crystallization over a diamond seeds can be replicated in a vacuum chamber. Methane (CH4) and Hydrogen (H2) gases are used in this process and both the gases have a significant impact in the process. Methane is a source of carbon inside the vacuum chamber, while Hydrogen assists in creating extreme high temperature environment inside, needed for the growth.
  • CRYSTALLIZATION: Mimicking the natural process, carbon crystallizes on the diamond seed and forms a tetrahedral structure similar to the structure formed below the earth's surface. The carbon atoms of gaseous state transforms into a solid state as a single crystal, forming a diamond.

Similarity Between Diamond Grown By CVD or HPHT Process & Plants Grown In Greenhouse?

The plants grown inside and outside the greenhouse have fruits and flowers, with exact sweetness and prettiness. Similarly, KBK grown and polished synthetic diamonds are “greenhouse diamonds”, as real and as pretty as mined diamonds. The only difference between mined and KBK grown and polished diamonds, is the point of origin.

Synthetic Polished Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

If you happen to be among people who confuse synthetic diamonds, then its time to clear the misconception first, as synthetic or laboratory grown diamonds are in no way different than their naturally mined counterparts in terms of their chemistry, molecular structure, and to an extent, their physical properties. The only difference between the two is that natural diamonds are produced over millions of years by slow carbon transformation under tremendous heat and pressure, while synthetic diamonds are created in laboratory by using carbon sources like methane and creating the same conditions, albeit to a higher magnitude, to hasten the process of pure carbon formation and its eventual conversion. Moreover, in terms of aesthetic and superficial attributes, they exhibit nearly the same levels of brilliance, luster and crystal clarity, all that in a form that can also be customized and cut as per your specification, which is something that real diamonds can not provide, that too, at prices that are mere fractions of the hefty premium that real diamonds command.The synthetic diamonds have similar properties as of mined diamonds, like:

  • C Chemical Composition
  • 10 Hardness
  • 3.52 Gravity
  • 2.54 Refractive Index
  • 0.044 Dispersion

One can not find the difference between the two with the use of a loupe, gem microscope, thermal diamond tester, refractometer, or polariscope.

4C's Valuation Process

Both, mined and lab grown & polished diamonds are certified based on 4C's and that are”

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Carat Weight

We are mainly export to USA.